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ZO Skin Health

Medical Grade Skincare By Dr. Zein Obagi in Southampton

Award-Winning Medical Grade Skincare

Take the next step in your skin health journey with ZO Skin Health. This exclusive skincare range is only available from a trained skincare expert and is now offered at Lumineux Aesthetics.

Our skincare experts are able to assess your skin health and provide a prescription for the full range of ZO Skin Health products to complement our diverse range of skincare treatments. ZO Skin Health products are available through a consultation with one of our experts at Lumineux Aesthetics.

Zo Skin Health

About ZO Skin Health

Founded by Dr. Zein Obagi, a world-renowned dermatologist, ZO Skin Health offers a comprehensive range of products for the treatment of a variety of skin concerns. ZO Skin Health represents the latest generation of therapeutic skincare products, exclusively available from dermatologists and skin health professionals.

ZO Skin Health stands as one of the world’s most recognised brands of medical skincare products only available from skin health experts. Inclusive of age, gender, and ethnicity, ZO Skin Health uses the latest advancements in skin therapy to deliver results for everyone.

ZO Skin Health For Skincare

Our skincare practitioners will be able to assess your skin during a consultation and recommend the most appropriate ZO Skin Health product to meet your needs.

ZO Skin Health offers comprehensive solutions for achieving and maintaining healthy skin for people of all ages, ethnicities, skin conditions, and skin types.

ZO Skin Health provides a solution to a wide range of skin conditions.  It can provide an effective solution for the treatment of pigmentation concerns, sun damage, anti-ageing, and more. ZO Skin Health can also be used as a preventative measure to promote maximum skin health.

ZO Skin Health products contain powerful ingredients including medical-grade retinol, hydroquinone, and glycolic acid. Each ingredient has been specially selected for its benefit to skin health and to promote youthful and healthy skin.

ZO Skin Health products are only available from skincare professionals like Lumineux Aesthetics. We offer a full skin consultation before prescribing any ZO Skin Health products, so you can be confident you are getting the right product for your exact skin type and the best suited product to treat your skin condition.


Daily skincare

ZO Skin Health products offer a great daily skincare solution to improve your overall skin health. 

ZO Skincare can be used for a variety of purposes including skin cleansing, stimulation, calming, protecting, nourishing, and activating.

Maintenance & protection

ZO Skin Health has designed products to assist in the prevention of skin problems through care and protection.

This helps you to maintain healthier, more youthful-looking skin with a daily ZO Skin Health skincare routine.


Tackle a long list of skin concerns with the gentle but effective range of ZO Skin Health products. 

Formulated with the latest skincare technology, ZO Skin Health provides a solution that requires no downtime and compliments your normal skincare routine.

ZO Skin Health Treatments

A wide selection of ZO Skin Health products allows for the treatment of a long list of treatments to address various skin concerns. Our skincare practitioners will be able to assess your skin and prescribe the most effective product for your exact skin. You can find an example of conditions that can be treated, and the ZO Skin Health products used for treatment:

Daily Power Defence, Sunscreen Primer, Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen, Sun Spray

Growth Factor Serum, Intense Eye Repair, Advanced Radical Night Repair, Renewal Crème, Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

Exfoliating Cleanser, Correct And Conceal Acne Treatment, Acne Pore Treatment Pads, Sulfur Masque, Overnight Recovery Crème

Exfoliating Polish, Intense Eye Repair, Renewal Crème

Rozatrol, Daily Power Defence, Exfoliating Cleanser, SPF 50 Sun Spray, Sulfur Masque

Overnight Recovery Crème, Renewal Crème, Hydrating Cleanser

ZO Skin Health also offers products specially formulated for the hands and body. Details regarding the most appropriate product for you will be discussed during your consultation, as well as the expected results from the treatment.

Zo Skin Health products

ZO Skin Health FAQs

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about ZO Skin Health below. If you would like to know even more about ZO Skin Health products, get in touch with us or book a consultation to start your skincare journey at Lumineux Aesthetics.

It typically requires around 6 weeks of consistent use of ZO Skin Health products before noticeable effects appear.

Regular use of these products can help to achieve more  long-term results. Though it’s essential to understand that while these products enhance visible signs of ageing, they do not stop the natural aging process.

ZO Skin Health products are suitable for individuals of all skin types and ages. However, it is sometimes not be suitable to use these products if you are suffering from certain skin conditions or in conjunction with certain medications.

Before starting any treatment with these products, it’s essential to schedule a consultation with one of our trained ZO Skin Health specialist practitioners for a thorough assessment. 

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should refrain from treatment unless authorised by their GP.

Retinol is a powerful anti-ageing solution, that promotes cellular health, renewal, and growth to noticably reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

However, due to its potency, retinol can sometimes cause a small amount of skin irritation and peeling. Should you encounter such side effects or any others, it’s recommended to discontinue product usage and seek guidance from our skincare specialists.

Usually it is possible to adjust the frequency of retinol application to gradually build a tolerance.

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